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Printed Announcements of Exhibitions

Facsimile 13.jpg

A selection of invitation cards and posters from one-man and group exhibitions.


The A-Value Essays

A selection of short essays written for the A-Value group exhibition catalogues.

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Ad Hoc Album

An uncategorised selection of images, from personal collection.

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A selection of images from the public art installation project held in November, 2005 -07, in Shizuoka City, Japan.

ArtPro3 G.HintonView5.jpg

The Pursuit of Happiness

Report on an installation project, 2005.


Found Image File

A selection from visual studies scrapbooks of news and magazine photographs, utilized as both process and reference for other creative work with a brief explanation as to theory, and the relationship to New Zealand art and science.



A selection of photographic images ranging from 1973 until 1993, or thereabouts. Most are "snapshots" that concern themselves with spaces and lights.


The Over Image: Three Ways

Platform essay and images to the inaugural exhibition at S-Space Gallery, June, 2010. Principles: Stephen Brown - photography; Marcus Grandon - photography; Geoffry Hinton - painted images.

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"Over Image" Exhibition, Fujieda, June 1st - 13th, 2010: Introduction and Photographic Record

Details the actual exhibition.

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Evening Story

A photographic project begun in 2009, as "Local/Locale", to be completed 2010. All images taken at the Takajo studio, or within a ten - 15 minute walk, except for the Shimbashi photograph which was taken at Nihombashi, Tokyo, the bridge where all the routes (five in all) began from the then capital city of Edo to the ancient capital of Kyoto. A symbolic starting point for this series of work. Having said that, this project is not about photography or capturing the one, unique, image: it is about mystery, the lyrical, and story-telling with/through images - perhaps plotless or episodic, though controlled. There is nothing to learn here, yet much to experience.