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Articles of Faith

Facsimile 08.jpg

A small selection of writings from over forty pages of printed pages covering the years 1976 to 1996.


Book jacket of '...and then there were none'

A novel published in 2000 by Minerva Press, London. This novel is now out-of-print, however it is presently in the process of being re-edited for this site with the working title "Lacunae".

Green Glass Eyes 402.jpg

Green Glass Eyes

The Japanese language version of the text discussing the series of paintings termed "Band Paintings", translated from the English original of 1997. The Japanese language text appeared in the Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Shizuoka University; Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Series, No.54 (Mar. 2004). Translated by Yoshihisa Shirai.


A Letter From 'Napoleon'

Facsimiles of the original Alternative Cinema article, 1982.



Text and Image experiments from 1977.


'Yoi Naranu Toko'-Present-day Trends

An article published in 2000, in the magazine Shizuoka Cultural Foundation Magazine, vol. 61 concerning recent directions in art, in general. Japanese language edition.